Anthony Gruppo and Chantal Raineri – How to Create Your Destiny

Today, Anthony is joined by Chantal Raineri, top-selling insurance business woman, on the factors that led to her success. The Italian-born wife and mother of two is living proof that you can have fun at any age in your profession. Chantal’s authenticity and tenacity guided her through both the good and bad in her life. She discusses the factors that led to her success while also discussing the biggest challenges that she continually sets before herself. If her life has taught her anything, it is that past experiences do not define your future. Your future is what you make it out to be. Chantal continues to prove that her own personal brand is more valuable than any sales commission.

10 thoughts on “Anthony Gruppo and Chantal Raineri – How to Create Your Destiny

  1. This podcast touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing your life struggles, accomplishments and dreams. You are both inspirational.

  2. Very inspirational…I totally agree everyone should be true to themselves and much can be gained from starting at the bottom. Here’s to the job being fun and your continued success. I too am proud to be part of the MMA family.

  3. Chantal is a great sales person because she really cares about her clients. She works hard on their behalf. I am glad to be working with her. As the owner of a girls beauty shop and birthday venue, I spend every weekend empowering my clients and telling them that girls can be anything they want to be. Chantal is a great role model.

  4. An great interview and amazing woman, professional and friend. I loved listening to this, she is very inspiring.

  5. Chantal is a down to earth leader with impactful things to say….she is an inspiration to many, and a leader to all….thanks for the words of wisdom you have shared in this interview

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