From The New York Jets to the New York Skyline featuring Steve Maneri

Listening to Steve Maneri’s podcast, you would think this is Monday Night Football. After all, where else would you expect to hear a former NFL tight end explaining how he mentally prepares to win a game? As it turns out, Maneri fits perfectly as a guest on The Roots of Leadership. Whether he is strapping on a football helmet at the stadium or adjusting his Windsor Knot tie in front of a mirror, Maneri knows that success comes from following a disciplined playbook.  

Anthony takes a special interest in the nonprofit, the Kids Dream Big Foundation, which Steve founded. The foundation mentors kids and teaches them how to build a successful mindset through sports.

Halfway through the episode, Maneri also shares some special advice he picked up from current New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady.

The best way to connect with Maneri is through LinkedIn at If you would like to learn more about the Kids Dream Big Foundation, click


2 thoughts on “From The New York Jets to the New York Skyline featuring Steve Maneri

  1. Absolutely brilliant! Steve has provoked me to keep getting better no matter the obstacles. Thank you Anthony Gruppo and team for bringing positive change to personal and professional development industry. “I need to make sure that I do my very best everyday.’ – Steve Maneri

  2. Learn how to conquer fear and stay competitive through a personal strategic plan from the mind of a winner. The best part is… Steve is just getting started!!

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