Mindful Learning with Karen Mayo

Author, entrepreneur, speaker, and executive health coach Karen Mayo has a passion for improving the physical and mental health of everyone she meets. Today, she joins her Roots of Leadership co-author Anthony C. Gruppo to discuss how healthy and mindful eating every day can turn things around.  

 She founded a private health coaching practice specializing in effective diet, and lifestyle changes. Her goal is to increase your confidence in all aspects of life in addition to leading corporate workshops on nutrition and lifestyle for health and vitality.

 To Karen, “A leader’s discipline starts at the dinner table before they ever take a seat at the board table.” https://karenmayo.net


2 thoughts on “Mindful Learning with Karen Mayo

  1. Anthony, thank you for always bringing such great content to your podcasts!

    Karen, you are an AMAZING HUMAN! Thank you for sharing, caring and inspiring!

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