Jennifer Walsh – Inspirational Visionary

How would you classify someone who started their first business before their 30th birthday, sold it, and can say that business is now part of Amazon’s collection? We’ve run out of adjectives to describe Jennifer Walsh. Oh, and did we mention that Walsh also writes, advises on beauty, and appears on television regularly?

Like most of us, her life’s journey was not planned. She experienced many setbacks, some more personal than others. But through it all, she embraced change and picked up many important life lessons. Now she’s here and eager to share.

If you find yourself walking through the beauty of Central Park, you’re likely to spot Walsh in her latest venture, Walk with Walsh. Walk with Walsh is a walking interview format hosted by Jennifer where her guests discuss what makes a productive leader.

For now Central Park can wait. If you want to see more of Jennifer now, connect with her on Twitter at or on her website at

2 thoughts on “Jennifer Walsh – Inspirational Visionary

  1. Jennifer, you are very inspiring. You never gave up. True definition of strength and perseverance.
    Anthony, thank you for continuing to bring us these passionate stories from amazing humans!

  2. Jennifer is a pure example of courage and competitive drive that comes from within and pushes one through all life’s struggles. It’s all about the right mind state. Grind your way to greatness

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