The Grind to Greatness with Keith Kefgen and David Mansbach

The Greek word ethos means the character that best describes a person(s) values. When listening to today’s episode, we understand the ethos/values that made AETHOS leaders, Keith Kefgen and David Mansbach, hospitality titans. Combined, they have more than 50 years’ experience in the hospitality space, published a book, and have lectured aspiring professionals.

Keith, Dave, and Anthony discuss the essence of great leaders, learning from obstacles, and along the way we pick up three pieces of advice for setting our own personal and strategic goals.

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1 thought on “The Grind to Greatness with Keith Kefgen and David Mansbach

  1. “Grind to Greatness” – – I Love this! Strong statement. Absolute TRUTH.

    —Ethos: is character and credibility.

    Both Keith and David are in an elite league of minds with you, Anthony.

    The statement David made regarding the three most important traits to confront obstacles and disappointments is on point!!! >> “Self Awareness-Humility-Resiliance ARE KEY.”

    — We cannot let these things slow us down or stop us. Without these traits how would we evolve? We wouldn’t.

    Keith’s statement about always looking for the right individuals…who display “curiosity”. This is also on point!!!

    —I have been told, why do I ask so many questions at times. My response is if I don’t ask I will not know the answer. Don’t ask? Dont’ tell. Do Ask. Do tell. If we didn’t ask questions…if we were/are not curious…how could we evolve?

    Your statement, Anthony – – get in the middle of the ring, not to fight but to integrate/collaborate because it makes us stronger — is so important. When we combine our energy our focus strengthens and brings us closer to solutions and reaching our goals.

    “Evolution is for the Motivated” is the realization of these “keys”.

    Thank you for sharing more amazing human’s stories.

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