Jennifer Davis and Elizabeth McCourt – Define Your Success

What fulfills you? What are you passionate about? What is success to you? These are examples of what executive leadership coaches Jennifer Davis and Elizabeth McCourt help their clients to define. This episode of the Roots of Leadership is jam packed with leadership secrets and advice from Anthony’s two guests: Jennifer, the founder and CEO of Jennifer Davis Coaching, and Elizabeth, the founder and CEO of the McCourt Leadership Group.

These two successful women have a laundry list of individual achievements. Elizabeth recently released her novel Sin in the Big Easy and Anthony asks her how she balances all of her different adventures. One of Elizabeth’s secrets to keeping balanced is to center all of her efforts on her core beliefs – to make mindful choices, to make meaningful impact, and to exercise resilience in everything she does. Both Elizabeth and Jennifer stepped away from corporate jobs to pursue careers in coaching and leadership development. Jennifer recalls the shifting point in her life, when her family went through a difficult experience and describes it as the first time things did not go her way. While doing some soul searching, she realized that what fulfilled her the most is helping others. She went from being a “mostly recovered workaholic” to becoming a servant leader who coaches her clients seek their maximum fulfillment.

Elizabeth and Jennifer connected on social media and they formed their relationship on the key principal of sharing information. They found similarities sharing that their individual journeys led them to want to work with other people to help them find their joy, passion and energy. The two coaches established a partnership and collaborated to inspire and help one another. They believe it is important to embrace change and motivate their clients to go down unexpected paths. Armed with the deep desire to help others, Jennifer and Elizabeth encourage their clients to define their own versions of success.

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