Chris Lay – Generating the Next Generation of Leaders

Photo of Chris Lay and Anthony C Gruppo talking about leadership

In this episode of The Roots of Leadership, we talk to Chris Lay – CEO of Marsh UK and Ireland. Throughout his 30-year career with Marsh, Chris has held a variety of senior leadership positions across the globe – including CEO roles in the UK, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Nordics, and Canada.

Energised by those around him, Chris is a brilliant advocate for teamwork and for humility. Becoming a great leader isn’t something you can do just by yourself – we need the support and help of others. Chris hasn’t forgotten this, and talks us through his enthusiasm for working with young graduates, and helping them on their leadership journeys too.

Anthony and Chris also discuss the importance of making things better: how you leave your space – both in humanity and in your career – better for the next person, so they can go even further than you did? Covering the importance of good pressure, attention to detail, and having deep respect for the things you have and the people you know; this is an episode jam-packed with tips and tricks for success, that we know you’ll love!

3 thoughts on “Chris Lay – Generating the Next Generation of Leaders

  1. Wow! I am truly moved by this Podcast. Thank you Gentlemen for this enlightening interview. Mr. Lay your open and honest responses were so heart warming and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your Roots and Path of Leadership.

  2. I really loved this podcast. I really valued Chris Lay talking about his own persona l experiences, especially from a younger age growing up and about his father.
    I appreciated his references to experiences we all go through daily, like being scared of things and the courage to persevere. How to appreciate those around you and listen, value and appreciate their feedback and efforts.
    I love the way Anthony Gruppo manages to sum up the real key messages in these podcasts too.
    Thank you for allowing us a valuable insight into our leaders at Marsh. These experiences and podcasts continue to shape us as human beings and employees of Marsh and Marsh Commercial.

  3. Excellent podcast and really good to listen to Chris about how his path has led him to his current position. Very down to earth and lots of what was said has resonated with myself.
    I look forward to listening to further Roots of Leadership podcasts in the future.
    Thank you for your honesty.

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