Michelle Sims – Don’t Let Your Past Define You

On today’s episode, Michelle Sims, business leader at Marsh Commercial, joins us to share her story on how to be leaders in all aspects of life, including family.

At 29 years old and preparing for her 30th birthday celebrations, Michelle was in her own words, a ‘chick about town’. Living in a two-bedroom apartment and driving a two-seater sports car, she couldn’t have been further removed from being a parent at that stage in her life. However, when Michelle’s niece and nephew were placed into the care system aged five and seven, she made the courageous decision to adopt them, and became a mum overnight.

As Michelle recalls the various hoops she had to jump through and hurdles she faced, the emotion is palpable. Fourteen years on from their ‘moving in day’, Michelle talks us through the lessons learned and the way her personal and professional leadership has grown and developed. Her dedication to coaching, supporting and nurturing others is clear, as are the experiences that enabled her to be an honest and open leader in all aspects of her life.

Emotional, empowering and inspirational, this episode is not one to miss.

1 thought on “Michelle Sims – Don’t Let Your Past Define You

  1. This lady is just amazing. She was my boss at Aon Private Clients and if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be here today. She has brought those two kids up and been an incredible role model for them. They have turned out great. Mich is an incredible person and I still call her boss to this day. A truly remarkable lady in every way. This was an incredibly honest podcast. Boss, you are a legend xx

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