Touker Suleyman – Going With Your Gut

Today we’re joined by Touker Suleyman, fashion retail entrepreneur, investor, business owner and of course one of the highly respected moguls on hit television programme, ‘Dragons’ Den’.

From a young age, Touker explains that he was always ambitious. After leaving the world of accountancy in his late teens, he asked himself two questions; ‘how am I going to be successful?’ and ‘how am I going to be recognised?’. From there, Touker embarked on a journey comprising of successes, challenges and above all, opportunities to learn.

In his twenties, Touker was the chairman of two public companies and as the youngest in this role at the time, would regularly be referred to as a ‘tycoon’ by the press. However, after investing into a business that went bust, Touker lost everything. In his own words, he had to start again, but with a very important lesson under his belt – always do due diligence.

Looking back, Touker still has a deep appreciation for the lessons he learned from loss. When offering advice to others, he says that listening to your gut is paramount, and that taking risk is a must in business, but not until you’ve done your research. In Touker’s eyes, the importance of having passion and wanting to add value is high on the priority list, and this paired with hard work and an all-important mentor, is a winning combination.

From earning £5 a week in his teens, to being the owner of a multi-million pound empire, Touker’s business acumen, approach to leadership and positive energy, makes this a must listen episode for all. Are you in?

Jeff Nischwitz – Achieving More Than Ordinary

Today we’re joined by Jeff Nischwitz, founder and ‘chief story debunker’ of The Nischwitz Group, speaker, motivator, and facilitator of truth.

Starting out in the legal world, Jeff now describes himself as a ‘snow globe shaker’ for those that he serves. Following a very successful career in law, Jeff came to the realisation that although he was good at what he did, he didn’t enjoy it, and so began a journey in search of something he loved. Traditional success wasn’t what he was striving for, and in the pursuit of something he was both good at and enjoyed, he came to be where he is today.

Growing up in a culture where it was deemed crazy to enjoy what you did for a living, Jeff describes how dangerous he finds this mindset and how it can stifle a person’s growth and development. Perhaps one of the most inspiring things to takeaway from listening to Jeff speak is the passion he has for what he does, and his belief that extreme discomfort, always precedes great things.

Speaking of the stories he debunks for those around him, Jeff helps people ‘cut the chain’ to what is holding them back. His passion for helping people and leaders that are willing to improve themselves has enabled him to build The Nischwitz Group, a platform where he helps to transform individuals and organisations ‘one truth at a time’. Jeff’s mission is clear and powerful – to stop people basing their success on stories they’ve been told, and instead encouraging them rewrite their own.

Passionate, motivational, and jam-packed with golden nuggets of advice, this show isn’t one to miss.