Paula Lopes – Out of the Comfort Zone

On today’s episode we’re joined by Paula Lopes, insurance expert, lifelong leader and professional, built for challenge and adventure.

Starting from the beginning, Paula takes us back to growing up in Brazil and the inspiring work ethic she saw in her father. Working multiple jobs was a way of life where she lived, and it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Paula to watch her dad work five jobs at a time.

This work ethic more than rubbed off on Paula, and her impressive career is testament to this. Her passion for making people happier is something that sits at the core of all she does, and during 22 years in the insurance industry, this unwavering passion has remained solid throughout.

Paula sees change as opportunity, and when touching on this, she explains the importance of observation and learning from others, and how invaluable this can be during these times. Her willingness to learn, and take on feedback and critique, has enabled her to build a successful career, as well as an open and honest family environment.

Discussing reflection, Paula shares the exercises she uses to practise this. Whether it be turning off the radio while driving home, or other ways of factoring in the time, she explains how important it is to her to reflect on the day’s conversations and think of what she may have done differently in hindsight.

Covering topics including fixed mindset, diversity of thought and so much more, this episode explores avenues familiar to all of us. Listen today.