Jackie Wendleken – Small Girl, Big Dream

On today’s episode we’re joined by Jackie Wendleken, a leader and networker, unafraid of breaking down barriers.

Jackie begins by taking us back to when she moved to London as she recalls being a ‘green behind the ears’ 18 year old. She credits her time working in customer service and retail as the core foundation for enabling her to excel within future positons, including the all-important people skills she mastered at this time and continues to utilise today.

Now working as a Senior Vice President within the UK Risk Management team at Marsh, Jackie’s passion for working with clients shines through as she continues to speak to us. Working as a team leader and supporting new colleagues joining the business, Jackie’s past experiences have enabled her to now meaningfully mentor those around her.

Jackie tells us that she was once incredibly shy and found networking challenging. A far cry from now as she highlights her passion to embrace opportunities to be put out of her comfort zone. She explains that it was through experiences like these, that she was able to find inner confidence and become a true people person.

Jackie describes herself as someone who always wants a ‘bigger table’. Speaking about the importance of proving to her daughter that she can break down barriers, Jackie explains the importance of hard work, ‘showing up’, and the belief that you really can achieve anything you put your mind to. This episode is inspiring, powerful and motivational – pushing us all to find and fulfil our true potential.