Andrea Kind – Creating a New Reality

Today we’re joined by Andrea Kind, heralded communicator, strategist, advisor and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping others, using her personable leadership and coaching skills.

Opening the show with some comments made by those Andrea has mentored, her natural ability to listen, understand and help others shines through. Described as ‘compassionate and tough’ – she believes this is an accurate description of her, but also encompasses what she hopes to teach those around her.

When discussing what it means to be empathetic, Andrea talks about the importance of this to all aspects of leadership, whether with employees, family, or those that you mentor. Balancing empathy with learning to ‘get on with it’ is something that Andrea has mastered through personal encounters with hardship, meaning she speaks from a place of genuine experience.

Yoga means a lot to Andrea, and as well as being a student, she is also a teacher. She attributes the techniques she’s learned to move forward and be resilient, to yoga. Yoga has enabled her to learn, master and practice looking through a different lens and having different perspectives.

In the face of both personal and professional adversity, Andrea has continued to power through, crediting her optimistic ‘set point’ as something she can always find her way back to when needed. This episode is empowering, refreshing and uplifting, giving us all a different outlook and a revitalising take on how to view our own lives.